Feather Study and Bird Olympics!

During our study of birds, Whales examined the structure of a feather. We discovered that birds have many different kinds of feathers on their body, and each feather serves a specific purpose. We looked at stiff compound feathers from the tail and wing, and soft downy feathers that provide insulation close to the bird's body. With a scientist's eye, we drew illustrations of both kinds of feathers, looking closely at details like color, shape, texture and line.

Later in the day, Whales participated in Bird Olympics as they got the chance to stare like Great Horned Owls, fly like American Kestrels, flap their wings like Rufous Hummingbirds, stand on one foot like Great Blue Herons, and compare their wingspan to that of the Bald Eagle. Whales discovered first hand the amazing adaptations that birds in the Pacific Northwest use everyday to survive in their habitat. What fantastic, learning fun!