More Weather With The Whales

Whales have been busy over the past two weeks, learning (and experiencing!) different types of weather. As the rain poured outside, Whales stayed inside and learned about the water cycle and the three different states of matter that water can exist in. After watching an experiment that showed the water cycle, Whales performed a play where they became water. They started by laying on the surface of the ocean, then evaporated into the sky, onto their chairs, condensing into clouds and then falling back again to the surface of the ocean. Later in the week, we completed three different experiments: the water cycle, cloud formation & precipitation, and thunder & lightning! That same week, we read Patricia Palacco's Thundercake and celebrated by making our own Thundercake to eat together.

But our study of weather didn't stop there. Whales were lucky enough to have a visit from a real climatologist who works for NASA! Ms. Elin shared amazing photos and stories about her work in Antarctica and Namibia, and her talk left the Whales utterly captivated! 

Just in time for some very hot weather, Whales studied the sun and the vital role it plays on our weather. As Whales became the earth and sun, they practiced their rotation (getting a better sense of what makes day and night) and their revolution; replicating the journey the earth takes around the sun to make our seasons and mark our years!

Our knowledge of weather doesn't stop there! Whales have been giving a daily weather report to their friends at the ELC. See their videos here: