Our Classroom at the Early Learning Community

The Whales are a class of 20 kindergarten students and their two teachers.   Our class is part of the wider community of preschoolers, teachers, student teachers and families who make up the Early Learning Community at Pacific University. 

A description of our program elements and our teaching approaches may be found on our school website, and the Whale Ways blog offers a window into how these are expressed in the day-to-day activities and experiences of the children.

Our teachers are  –

Ellie Rickett, Lead Teacher, MAT, Pacific University, Oregon licensure in early childhood/elementary education

Julie Ungar, Assistant Teacher and Early Childhood Educator

More information about our teaching is available on the Early Learning Community website.

We welcome the family and friends of our students to visit our school and be a part of what happens here.  Please contact the Lead Teacher to make arrangements for spending time in our classroom.