Whales Study Apples

The Whales have been learning to study the world around them with mindful eyes, mindful ears (a.k.a. Listening Like a Ninja) and mindful bodies. We took this mindfulness practice with us as we explored the apples growing in our piazza this week. We noticed tiny details, and recorded and shared those details with friends. We made hypotheses about why many of our apples have small holes in them. We cut them open and looked inside using our Proscope. Whales think “something might be living in them!”.

We listened to an oral storytelling of the book The Apple Cake by Nienke van Hitchum - a story of kindness and sharing. We spent time acting out the story, remembering the tiny details and and sequence of events so we could share it with friends.

We used our engineering skills to build amazing structures out of apples and toothpicks. We tried to make our apple towers tall and strong!

Whales played some new math games this week that strengthened our number sense and helped make us number detectives!

And finally, Whales have been growing their reading brains as they stretch and improve their stamina for sitting with a book. We have been using our Linger Finger to tell the story on our own by noticing tiny details in the pictures. Whales are joyous readers!

Week One Was Wonderful With Whales!

The Whales' first week was chock-full of so much learning and fun, it's impossible to write it all down, but here's a sampling!

We measured, examined, drew and shared our scientific observations of sunflowers during our first field study in the piazza. We wrote, mailed and delivered letters to our friends. We told stories about sunflower gardens and happy summer days at our storytelling table. We spent time finding out about our common likes and dislikes, while celebrating our names during our Guess Who? game. We built with blue blocks, read plenty of books (we read silently for three whole minutes!) and had our very first Whale Writers Workshop! On Friday we talked about listening, being mindful of the sounds around us and our responses to them. We took a Listening Walk and discovered we could hear things we'd never heard before by being silent together.

Whales' First Day Goes Swimmingly!

Whales spent a day learning about one another. We spent time counting, measuring, graphing, writing, learning about the brain, meditating, reading, building, voting, and making lots of new friends. We ended our day with a trip to the new Cedar Classroom, where the Otters gave us an extra special VIP tour!

Make sure to check your Kindergarten Handbook for more information on our daily schedule!