The Ten Stick Cha-Cha & Kestrel Buddies

The Whales celebrated our 30th day of school with a dance around the room celebrating the magic point at which the ones pack their bags and move to the tens place! We read the book entitled Zero, did the Ten Stick Cha-Cha, and topped the celebration off with a march around Berglund Hall, counting to 100 by tens. What good numeracy fun!

The Kestrels (our big buddies at The Community School) came to visit today. We spent some time getting to know one another as we filled out Buddy Books together. The Kestrels will visit every other Wednesday throughout the remainder of the school year. We are looking forward to the chance to learn and grow together!

Whales Make Peace Puppets

Whales continued their exploration of peace this week, expanding their understanding of how peacefulness affects their body and their mind. We gathered in small groups and brainstormed ideas for what peace felt like, looked like, and sounded like. We wrote letters to one another, sharing reasons we appreciate one another. Whales experimented with ways they could find a sense of peace in their own bodies as Ms. Julie led them through a visualization story, and practiced guided meditation together. After another puppet show with Jonathon and Nicole (two friends who are trying to learn about peace), Whales decided that they would like to make their own Peace Puppets. We spent Thursday morning creating our own puppets. After becoming such experts on peacefulness, the Whales have been asked to perform some puppet shows about kindness and peace for the Sharks and Dolphins. What fun!

The More We Get Together! Whales Talk About Peace

Whales began their week playing games that encouraged collaboration and teamwork. We rolled back the blue carpet and put together many floor puzzles during classroom choice time. We worked together to sort out all the Unfix cubes by color, then worked together to create patterns with those same Unifix cubes. We wrote appreciation letters to friends, sharing those things that we love most about one another. We watched a puppet show about friends who struggled with strong feelings, and Whales helped the puppets make some new choices that encouraged peace. Whales brainstormed ideas for things that made them feel peaceful. We discovered that though not all friends find the same things to be peaceful, there are plenty of things we could all agree made our hearts happy together! 

Apples, Birthdays & Friends!

Whales became apple gourmands this week as they taste-tested different varieties and worked together to make a big batch of apple cider.

We gathered at carpet on Monday and tasted 4 different varieties of apples. Our conversation included descriptive words like "tart", "sweet", "crunchy", "juicy", "mushy", "tangy" and so on. We focused on our sense of taste and smell to help us come up with descriptive words that really matched the message our body was sending about the apples we were tasting. We were surprised to find that not everyone's body sent the same messages about the apples we tasted, but taking the time to hear our friends' opinions was interesting and fun! We ended our apple tasting with a vote on the SMARTboard, and we could see from the graph that we made together that the majority of Whales liked Jonagold apples the best!

On Tuesday we knew we had a big job ahead of us when Ms. Ellie brought in bushels of apples from her tree for us to chop in preparation for making apple cider. We worked together, and we did not stop until all the apples were chopped. We were amazed by what we could accomplish when we all worked together. We moved to the Outdoor Classroom and worked in teams first to grind the apples, and then to press them. It was so exciting to see all the juice come pouring out of the apple press! We went back into the classroom for our snack and enjoyed our fresh-pressed cider that we had made with our own hands. We decided that our cider didn't taste like apple juice - it tasted like apples

We were so excited about the process of making cider that we decided to write about it during Whale Writing Club!

Whales continued to explore apples in numeracy and in engineering as they played an apple-picking game together, and built amazing apple and toothpick towers. Whales had also noticed that many of the apples we picked from our garden had other living things inside of them! Whales guessed that they were worms. After some exploration, we found out that the worm was actually the larvae of an Apple Codling Moth! After studying the life cycle of the moth, Whales noticed it was very similar to the life cycle of a butterfly. We acted out the life cycle, becoming Apple Codling Moths together. Then we came up with an extensive list of ideas for how we might encourage the moths to make their homes somewhere else. Whales came up with ideas like, "make a trail of apples that would lead them somewhere else", "put a cover around the apple tree so they couldn't lay their eggs on the leaves", "make a house with a roof that smelled like apples, and you could trap the moths inside and then carry them away", "pick up all the mushy apples and leaves on the ground so the larvae couldn't hide and make their cocoons." We decided the best thing to do for now was to clean up all the debris under our apple and pear trees, so Whales worked together and cleaned up under our fruit trees. We can do big things when we work together!

Even with all our important apple inquiry, Whales still had plenty of time to celebrate birthdays together, read together, jump together, run together, and become great Whale friends together!



Eight Days Of Fun With The Whales!

We have been so busy exploring, growing and learning together that it's hard to believe we've only celebrated our 8th day as new Whales!

In literacy this week we have been increasing our stamina in reading as we enjoy our extensive classroom library together. We continue to learn more about one another as we play the Guess Who? game, where we investigate the most important word of all - our name! Whales have also formed a new writing club, called Whales' Writing Workshop. We are super excited about the amazing writing we have been doing together already!

Whales have been exploring apples. We have examined apples under the Proscope, with magnifying glasses, and with the eyes of a scientific illustrator. We have studied apples in the piazza, and have compared apples on the ground to apples still hanging on the tree. We made predications about what the inside of our apples might look like, cut them open and found evidence of living things inside! We drew our apples, looking close at color, shape and size.  In numeracy, we weighed apples and measured them using our unifix cubes. Ms. Ellie did an oral storytelling of The Apple Cake, and we have re-told the tale again and again at our storytelling table and our theater station in the classroom. On Friday we celebrated by making apple cake with Ms. Julie. Mmmm, it was good!

Whales' First Day Goes Swimmingly!

Whales had a fantastic first day. We spent time catching up with old friends, and making some new ones too!

We spent time on the blue carpet talking about ways to make our classroom run smoothly (new Whales had some great ideas!). Whales put their detective hats on and played a game of Guess Who?. They correctly identified Ms. Julie as the secret Whale friend. We shouted her name, we clapped out the syllables in her name, we whispered her name, and we sounded out all the letters in her name to spell her name. What good letter fun! 

Whales watched a puppet show all about being a good and kind friend. We read books. We started some self-portraits in atelier, and enjoyed spending time in Creative Play. We ended our day by sharing a little bit about the emotions we felt on the first day. We graphed out feelings on the SMARTboard and discovered that most Whales were either excited or happy on their first day, a couple were a little nervous, and none of our Whale friends were scared. A very good first day of kindergarten it was!