Whales Walk For Peace

In preparation for the International Day Of Peace, Whales and Otters gathered to talk in more detail about the concept of peace. Both classes have been working to pack their “peace toolbox” with skills they can use in their own lives when things feel tough for them and they are overwhelmed, angry or frustrated. The two classes shared some amazing ideas for what they could do to find peace, and share that feeling with others.

We also talked about the importance and power of people gathering together to make change. We talked about their role as teachers of peace. They are learning and practicing skills that many adults (and world leaders!) struggle with today.

Following a quiet meditation led by Ms. Julie, Whales and Otters walked silently to the campus Peace Rally. We witnessed lots of people gathering, asking for a world without fighting or animosity or war. We sang songs and held our Peace Posters high. Whales are ambassadors of peace!

Whales Study Sunflowers, The Limbic System, Letter Sounds, Writing Club and MORE!

Whales had a week chock-full of playing, learning and growing together. We continued to examine more closely the parts of a sunflower. We discovered that a single sunflower head contains hundreds of little tiny flowers that then turn to seeds. We used our fine motor skills and numeracy brains to pull and count a total of 340 seeds from our giant sunflower! We used our classroom Proscope to explore fine details in the stalks, heads and leaves of smaller sunflowers. We told stories of summertime together at our storytelling table and we had our first real Whale Art Studio where we learned about Vincent Van Gogh and some special techniques he used when he painted his famous Vase With Sunflowers painting. Our sunflower art is beautiful!

Whales have been working hard this week on hearing the special sounds each letter in the alphabet makes. We used our alphabet museum pieces to find miniature items that start with the same letter sound. We continue to play the Guess Who? Game, learning about our shared likes and dislikes, and the special letter sounds in our name. We also had our first real Writing Club time! Whales were so excited to add tiny details to their illustrations, and include first letter sound labels. These Whales are writers!

We continue to learn about our brain and the important job of the Prefrontal Cortex (Wise Leader), Amygdala (Security Guard) and Hippocampus (Memory Saver). We have discovered that by pausing, taking deep breaths, and stilling our bodies through quiet meditation, Whales have the ability to soften the fire of our Amygdala and use our Prefrontal Cortex and Hippocampus to learn more, be happy, stay safe and have fun!

Whales ended the week with a visit from our first Mystery Reader. What a fun surprise!

We did lots of number sense work; counting, measuring, and learning all about ten frames.

It was happy and BUSY first full week of school!

Week One With Whales Was Wonderful!

The Whales' first week was chock-full of so much learning and fun, it's impossible to write it all down, but here's a sampling!

We measured, examined, drew and shared our scientific observations of sunflowers during our first field study in the piazza. We wrote, mailed and delivered letters to our friends. We told stories about sunflower gardens and happy summer days at our storytelling table. We spent time finding out about our common likes and dislikes, while celebrating our names during our Guess Who? game. We built with blue blocks, read plenty of books (we read silently for three whole minutes!) and had our very first Whale Writers Workshop session! On Friday we talked about listening, being mindful of the sounds around us and our responses to them. We danced silently to beautiful music, throwing scarves in the air and listening to the instruments we heard in the music. We took a Listening Walk and discovered we could hear things we'd never heard before, just by being silent together.