Whales Explore The Hibernation of Bears, Bats & Turtles

During our hibernation unit, Whales decided it might be fun to explore what it felt like to be a hibernating animal. We split into three groups and the students began constructing a bat cave (and plenty of bats), a bear den (complete with dry leaves and twigs) and the carapace and plastron of three painted turtles they planned to bury in the mud. Ms Ellie and Ms. Julie stepped aside as students worked together to realize their vision of what the various sites might look like. When their sites were finished, they thought it might be fun to share them with the Sharks and Dolphins classes. Whales thought it was exciting (and a little bit scary) to use their voices to be teachers, but they did a great job, and the preschool students were fantastic audience members! The entire process required Whales to use skills in cooperation, problem-solving, public-speaking, numeracy, engineering, imagination and art!