The Whales Return!

After a peaceful and joyful break, the Whales returned ready to take on new challenges, and enjoy the process of learning and growing together.

This week began our unit study on hibernation, migration and adaptation. During classroom choice Ms. Ellie and Ms. Julie showed us how to play a new Hibernation Game at the numeracy table. We pretended to be black bears as we rolled the dice and moved around the game board collecting the things we needed to begin hibernation. It was fun, and a little bit silly!

At the storytelling table, we were animals who hibernated; sleeping the cold winter months away in burrows, dens, caves or in the mud at the edge of a pond. 

We have been reading books on hibernation this week. One fiction book called Hibernation Station showed all the various hibernating animals in their jammies, getting ready for a nice deep sleep! We read a non-fiction book that had photos of animals in their dens, burrows, caves, in logs, under rocks and even in the mud! On the smartboard, we looked at photos of various animals hibernating and had to match the sleeping animal to its correct name. We discovered that there are plenty of animals that sleep, sleep, sleep in the winter!

Whales have started small group work in both literacy and math. We are excited to take on new challenges, and work with our peers to grow our reading and numeracy brains!

We do enjoy a party, and we were lucky enough to celebrate our week back with a birthday celebration in Whale style: birthday lantern, crown, chair lift, placemat, dance party, and popsicles. What fun!