Our Teeth!

Whales have begun a short unit study on teeth and dental hygiene. Teachers and students alike thought it a timely topic with all of the loose/wiggly/falling out teeth we have had in our classroom over the past few months! 

We spent time talking about the special characteristics of each kind of tooth and the job they perform as we bite and chew our food. We looked at our own teeth in a mirror, and up close with the use of a Proscope, Using Duplo blocks and yarn, we discovered that the best way to floss our teeth is to move the floss sideways as well as up and down. We measured the teeth of shark, and we wrote letters to the tooth fairy. At the end of the week we performed a science experiment, making predictions about how different liquids would affect the shells of eggs just as they would affect the enamel on our teeth. We were surprised to see how brown soda made the egg, and how quickly the vinegar ate through the shell of our egg - just like plaque can eat through the enamel on our teeth!