Whales Explore Wind

Whales began an exploration of wind this week. We learned that warm air rises and air pressure under it reduces and cools air nearby to take its place. Wind is the sideways moving of air and is the cause of changing weather patterns! Whales got into small groups and visited a series of "wind stations". They explored the concept of air (it's all around us!) and began to understand that wind is the movement of air (something we can't see, but is always there!). They experimented with a high power fan, trying to predict which object might move in strong wind, and which would not. Finally, Whales created wind with their bodies; counting to see how many breaths it might take to move a feather, a pencil, or a piece of paper across the floor. 

We wrapped up our study of wind with a play: The Wind Blew. Using a high power fan, the Whales acted out all parts of the book, exploring how various items moved in the wind, and noticing how it felt to stand in very strong wind. There were gales of laughter as Whales worked together to act out the parts, narrate the story and watch, fascinated as items soared in the wind! 

We also spent time in atelier, making pinwheels and wind art. What fun!