Whale Weather Reports, Rain Concerts, The Earth & Sun

Whales began reporting on the weather at the ELC. You can now stay abreast of current weather conditions (and get tips on what clothing to wear) by stopping in the entry of the ELC to view the latest televised report! Reports will be loaded onto the bog next week. Stay tuned.

We began a study of the sun and its relationship to the earth, weather patterns, seasons and night & day. Whales went outside and became the sun and the earth. They showed the daily rotation, "This is day for our side of the earth, and when I turn away from the sun, then it's night on our side!" They made a spinning orbit around the sun, calling out the seasons and the days, finally proclaiming, "Now I'm one year older!"

We performed a meditative rain stick concert for our friends in the Shark and Dolphin classes. When we returned to class after the concert, friends shared that it was "very peaceful, calming, and really cool!"