The Happiness of Autumn Days

Following our family trip to the pumpkin patch, Whales began exploring pumpkins together. We spent time noticing details about the outside of pumpkins.  We began by drawing a scientific illustration of the pumpkin we were examining, taking special care to draw precisely what we saw. We measured the height and circumference, and counted the lines that ran down the side of our pumpkin. We spent time estimating the weight of our pumpkin. We made predictions about how many seeds were hidden inside, and whether our pumpkin would sink or float. Our discoveries were surprising and led to plenty of wonderings and hypothesis to share.

The beautiful fall weather on Friday made the Whales want to dance! We learned to do The Twist, we did a little square dancing to Turkey In The Straw, we took a nice long walk across the campus to deliver compost and get in a quick game of "Eatakidasaurus". What tremendous fun!