Goldilocks & The Three Bears

During the past three weeks, Whales have been busy exploring the well-known story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears. We have listened to various renditions of the fairytale, noting differences in story line, characters, and setting. We have performed the play with hand and stick puppets, and have re-created the fable together at our storytelling table. With such a deep understanding of the storyline, Whales were more than ready to try their hand at performing a drama production for their friends at the ELC. We had three dress rehearsals; allowing for plenty of students to try out their thespian skills. Along with actors in each production, we had students that helped with props and costuming. 

As Whales were performing the story they were busy working on the following skills:

  • receptive and expressive language skills
  • expanding their capacity for imagining
  • building their attention and engagement capacity
  • practicing problem solving skills with their peers
  • building their working vocabulary
  • understanding the concept of sequencing and the elements of a story
  • increasing their confidence when speaking in front of others.

Whales agreed that when performing the play for their friends they felt "excited, happy and proud." It was a celebratory ending to a spectacular week!