More Leaves & Trees!

The Whales classroom was filled with leaf and tree activities this week. Our interdisciplinary study included engineering, art, literacy, numeracy, science, drama and song.  The following provocations were posed to Whales during our classroom choice time: How can you create a tree with blocks and branches that will not fall over in strong wind? Can you create a tree using your hand as the template? Can you label the parts of a tree? Can you work together to find matching leaf varieties? Can you sew around the outside of a variety of leaf shapes? What do you notice about leaves when you look under the ProScope, how are they different and how are they the same? 

Whales performed an experiment that showed the colors hidden within leaves. We found that the green chlorophyll pigment was hiding a red pigment within a maple leaf! Whales worked together to collect and then sort nine different varieties of leaves, classifying them according to size, leaf type and color. Whales presented their findings to their friends. 

Stay tuned for an upcoming play focusing on the life of a tree, and the amazing process of photosynthesis. Whales are currently collaborating on the script and using their imagination to create some pretty amazing props. We are excited to perform the play for other students at the ELC next week!