Whales began a study of apples this week. We started by doing some field exploration in the ELC piazza. We spent time looking at our apple trees and noticing details such as size, shape, color and overall health of the apples on the ground and still on the trees. Whales noticed small details in the color and shape of the leaves as well as the type of insects found on or near our apple trees. On Friday we cut the apples open and looked at what we found inside. Whales were intrigued by the apples that appeared to be a home for other living things!

Inside the classroom, Whales spent time weighing apples. We sorted items into various categories according to weight. Were the items heavier, lighter, or the same as an apple? Why were items that were bigger lighter than the apple? Why were smaller apples sometimes heavier than larger apples? How many unifix cubes did it take to equal the weight of an apple?

Whales spent time at our storytelling table working together to invent stories about an apple harvest. After Ms. Ellie and Ms. Julie performed an oral storytelling of The Apple Cake (a classic tale by Nienke van Hichtum) Whales took turns acting out the story for friends during classroom choice time. 

In addition, Whales continue to learn more about one another as we play the Guess Who? game. We learn more about our friends' likes and dislikes as we study the letters, syllables and spelling of our friends' names. 

We're working hard to increase our stamina during silent and partner reading time. Whales are learning to use their linger finger as they read, slowing down and noticing small details in illustration and text. We are practicing stepping through the pages of each book, telling the story to ourselves as we read. 

Whales spent time with Ms. Gabie, sharing their opinion about topics related to our classroom community. We worked together to come up with a set of rules that Whales believed made our classroom feel "safe and happy"!