Migrating Geese

Whales began their study of migration last week. At engineering carpet in the morning, Ms. Ellie asked Whales to fold a plain piece of paper so that it would fly. We quickly discovered that a flat piece of paper does not fly at all, and instead drops straight to the ground. The very best shape for a flying machine was a "V" or triangle shape. Whales were pretty sure that was because the point helped "slice through the air". 

Later in the day we spent time looking at geese in flight, and listened to the sounds they make when they fly. We shared our ideas about why geese fly in a v  ("so they can fly better!") and why they make all the honking sounds ("to try to go faster, and to tell their friends where they are").

After all the talk of flying geese, Whales wanted to give it a try! We went out into the campus and flew in a V formation, honking like mad and flapping our wings in the air. After quite a few attempts at flying, Whales decided that being a migrating bird was no easy task. We were tired and ready for lunch!

Check the Watch & Listen tab for a video of the geese migration!