Whales Study Forests

In preparation for our trip to the Tillamook Forest, Whales reviewed and expanded on the concepts we learned during our leaf and tree unit. Deepening our understanding of Oregon's unique forest ecology, we looked at what elements are required to produce a coastal temperate rainforest. We studied photos of Pacific Northwest forests and made a list of the plant life we saw. We split the forest into three layers: the forest floor, the understory, and the canopy. Working in teams, we created a mural that included all the plant life we saw in each layer. 

The following day, Whales talked about the unique habitat our Pacific Northwest forests provide for a wide range of species. Students took a moment to place a plethora of native animals and insects in the layers of our forest mural.

It was such fun to visit the Tillamook Forest as budding foresters and dendrologists!