Whales Study Migration

The Whales completed an extensive study of migration last month. After choosing their favorite migrating animal, Whales executed a detailed painting of it, paying attention to color, shape and size. Students did some extra research at home, looking at the migratory path their animal takes, and noting any special characteristics they could share with their friends. Whales measured their animal's path of migration and logged the length on our distance board. Whale students have spent the last few weeks listening (and trying to replicate!) the sounds of their migrating animals as they shared the information they learned about their animal with their friends. We compared and contrasted migration distances of each animal, paying attention to concepts of shorter and longer as they related to our migration map.

To finish up our unit on migration, Whales took part in a Migratory Bird Obstacle Course. Whales started by making a list of all the things they learned made an impact on animal migration. Whales discovered that many of the problems they listed were caused by humans! As they teamed up to "fly south" in our Creative Play area, the ELC was filled with the sound of chirping, screeching, trilling migratory birds. Every species of bird made the long trip, but they all remarked how hard it was to make the journey with all those extra, dangerous obstacles in their path!