Insects and Shapes and Spring and, Oh My!

Hello there, from Ms. Gabie! Ms. Ellie and I will be sharing the writing of the blog for the remainder of the school year. Documenting this journey is a wonderful privilege for me. This classroom is filled with wonder and joy!

What an exciting week in the Whales' classroom! The Whales started out the week by noticing the different parts of a flower while making "flowers" for a future experiment. They were very inquisitive about the stamen and pistil of flowers and why those things were present on many different types of flowers. During unit study time that day, the Whales shared their knowings, noticings, and wonderings about insects.  Ms. Gabie read a book entitled "Insect Detectives" by Steve Voake that encouraged even more wonderings. Did you know that ants can talk with each other through their antennae? Or, that wasps make nests out of chewed wood? The excitement about new insect facts was definitely in the air! A new song about the parts of insects, "Head, Thorax, Abdomen", was introduced during this time as well. The Whales had great fun figuring out where an insect's body parts would be on our human bodies while singing.

After Monday, the Whales were crazy about insects! Insect related games were played at classroom choice time.  They used their bodies to demonstrate two different ways insects can go through the process of metamorphosis. The Whales even became pollinators during a pollination simulation! During the simulation, the Whales were able to "pollinate" the "flowers" they had made earlier in the week by rubbing the "pollen" that had gotten stuck on their fingers (baked cheese snack dust) onto the stamen of another friend's flower. The teachers in the classroom would not be surprised if the Whales are now bug-eyed because of their knew knowings. 


The Whales were introduced to three-dimensional shapes this week, and they quickly discovered that there are shapes (both two-dimensional and three-dimensional) all over the classroom!  On Thursday, we went for a walk to play shape bingo and we weren't even out fifty feet away from the piazza before Whales were calling "bingo!". The Whales were so ecstatic about their bingo success, we just had to stop everything and do the bingo dance right where we stood. What fun!

Creative play was a popular place to be this week! With the help of Ms. Julie, the Whales  turned the space into a farm. They had great fun being farmers, chickens, cows, ducks, and riding horses round the corrall. 

This gorgeous spring week ended with the conclusion of our current read-aloud book Mrs. Piggle Wiggle's Magic out in the quad. The Whales were on the edge of their seats when trying to figure out what the result of the story would be. When the secrets were revealed, the Whales cheered and celebrated the happy ending. Overall, a wonderful finale to an absolutely wonderful week. Stay tuned to see what adventures we go on next week!