Math Fun!

Whales have been stretching their math brains this week with lots of fun games and activities that helped us more deeply understand the concept of place value. We played Teen Bingo (and got to do the Bingo Dance when we won!). We played Make That Number with unifix cubes, building all the ten sticks and ones in a number. We played Musical Chairs, counting by two’s and trying to estimate how many chairs teachers would need to remove if every Whale had to share a chair with a friend. We tried out our new extra-large number line and are looking forward to using it for lots of gross motor math like hopping addition and subtraction, counting by two’s, five’s, ten’s - and more! We practiced our new daily sign in that will begin next week - Scrabble-Sight-Word-Addition. It’s challenging and fun! Our first week back was filled with joy and togetherness!