100 Hearts Party!

Wowza - what an amazing day we celebrated on Friday! After months of waiting, Whales celebrated the 100th Day of School, and Valentines Day with great revelry and fanfare. We have been working all week making the gifts, decorations, and supplies we knew we would need for the celebration. We were sooo excited to arrive and find our classroom brimming with 100 hearts, 100 100's, and lots and lots of special new games and activities for us to enjoy together. During classroom choice we built some pretty amazing structures together using 100 cups. We decorated our 100's glasses, which we proudly wore during our 100 Walk all the way up to the very top of Berglund Hall (we had been itching to do this for a long time!). We were able to count to 100 three times (that was a lot of work!) before returning back to our classroom. We ate a picnic lunch in front of the SMARTboard as we watched a short movie about migration. We played Hot and Cold, we finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we had a Writers Workshop Club book share out, and we ended the day with a Valentine card exchange & delicious cupcakes. Phew! It was the best 100 Hearts Party EVER!!