Wrapping Up Migration, Nuts About Numeracy & One Very Sneaky E!

The Whales completed final presentations of their migrating animals this week. We looked at the distances the animals traveled, and looked a little more closely at the migration and hibernation of the monarch butterfly. Whales continued to enjoy the migrating birds game, and told lots of new stories at the migration-themed storytelling table. In atelier, we finished up our migrating birds paintings. They are all so unique and beautiful!

Whales have been stretching their numeracy brains, working hard on growing their understanding of part-part-whole relationships, place value, subtraction, addition and even multiplication! Whales love to practice Mingle Math; we "mingle" around the room until Ms. Ellie calls out, "make 18 elbows" or "make 18 fingers". Whales collaborate, reason, negotiate and create moving math with their bodies...what could possibly be better (or more fun) for busy kindergarteners?!

On Friday, Whales helped Ms. Ellie find her lost set of keys. Just prior to a puppet performance given by Ms. Julie (and special guest Ms. Shelley!) Ms. Ellie realized her keys were missing! Thank goodness the Whales were there to help Ms. Ellie by writing down all the "clues" that appeared in the puppet show. Whales watched as the Sneaky E changed clues like pin to pine, rip to ripe, her to here, and so on. In the end, we discovered that the Sneaky E was the one who took Ms. Ellie's keys! As a Whale friend said, "Well, at least now we know that that old Sneaky E just can't be trusted!" Indeed!