Baking, Sewing, Painting - Whales End 2016 Thinking Of Others

The Whales had a surprisingly abrupt (but very exciting!) finish to their final day of school for 2016. Before leaving in whirls of snow, the Whales managed to finish making their Peace Stones. They plan to leave their stones on the University campus to help inspire others to consider love, peace, kindness, joy and forgiveness (all words the Whales believed were helpful in finding peace). They also finished making their painted hands for the Youth Uplift Project Project which helps support Syrian refugees living in camps in Lebanon. Their work didn't stop there! The Whales also had time to write letters to their pen pals from Mooberry Elementary School, compose Christmas letters to their families, finish sewing their family Christmas gifts, do some baking with Ms. Julie, share in some Mingle Math, read the story of the Gingerbread Man on their own together, and finish the day with a giant sight word snowball fight. We're looking forward to seeing everyone in 2017. Stay warm and safe!