Peace Ceremony and Author's Celebration


To commemorate our recent work in peace, Whale students and their families took a meditative walk through the university campus. On the walk, students placed their handmade Traveling Peace Stones in Trombley Square. The stones were part of the Whales' plan to help spread peace across the Pacific University campus. Each child wrote a single word that best represented peace to them. The words they chose included forgiveness, love, joy, peace, happiness and kindness. They said their word while placing their stone on the ground one at a time. Holding hands and singing songs of peace, we walked back to the ELC where Whales shared their Peace Flags. On each flag was an illustration and quote by Whale students; their own special wish they were sending out to the world. The Peace Flags are now hanging in the entryway of the ELC. We hope you'll take a moment to read them. We promise you'll be moved and inspired by Whale students' drawings and words!


Following the Peace Ceremony, Whale authors shared their newly-published works with their families. Together, we toasted the amazing accomplishments of our newest writers. We celebrated their use of detail in illustration, the elements of story (remembering to include a beginning, middle and end), the use of labels to help the reader identify parts of the illustration, and their use of phonics and sight words to begin to compose sentences on their own. Whales are WRITERS!