Eight Days Of Fun With The Whales!

We have been so busy exploring, growing and learning together that it's hard to believe we've only celebrated our 8th day as new Whales!

In literacy this week we have been increasing our stamina in reading as we enjoy our extensive classroom library together. We continue to learn more about one another as we play the Guess Who? game, where we investigate the most important word of all - our name! Whales have also formed a new writing club, called Whales' Writing Workshop. We are super excited about the amazing writing we have been doing together already!

Whales have been exploring apples. We have examined apples under the Proscope, with magnifying glasses, and with the eyes of a scientific illustrator. We have studied apples in the piazza, and have compared apples on the ground to apples still hanging on the tree. We made predications about what the inside of our apples might look like, cut them open and found evidence of living things inside! We drew our apples, looking close at color, shape and size.  In numeracy, we weighed apples and measured them using our unifix cubes. Ms. Ellie did an oral storytelling of The Apple Cake, and we have re-told the tale again and again at our storytelling table and our theater station in the classroom. On Friday we celebrated by making apple cake with Ms. Julie. Mmmm, it was good!