Whales' First Day Goes Swimmingly!

Whales had a fantastic first day. We spent time catching up with old friends, and making some new ones too!

We spent time on the blue carpet talking about ways to make our classroom run smoothly (new Whales had some great ideas!). Whales put their detective hats on and played a game of Guess Who?. They correctly identified Ms. Julie as the secret Whale friend. We shouted her name, we clapped out the syllables in her name, we whispered her name, and we sounded out all the letters in her name to spell her name. What good letter fun! 

Whales watched a puppet show all about being a good and kind friend. We read books. We started some self-portraits in atelier, and enjoyed spending time in Creative Play. We ended our day by sharing a little bit about the emotions we felt on the first day. We graphed out feelings on the SMARTboard and discovered that most Whales were either excited or happy on their first day, a couple were a little nervous, and none of our Whale friends were scared. A very good first day of kindergarten it was!