Migration Obstacle Course & Bird Adaptation with Jackson Bottom Wetlands

Whales finished up their study of migrating animals by spending some time talking about the obstacles birds sometimes face as they migrate. Our Creative Play area was filled with squawking, clicking, chirping, honking birds making their way under windows, around tall buildings, over power lines, streets, and polluted water to eventually dodge a hungry cat! We ended the lesson with a discussion about why birds are important for our earth, and ways humans can help birds migrate safely. 

To launch our study of birds, Ms. Diane from Jackson Bottom Wetlands visited the Whale classroom and shared an amazing lesson about birds. The conversation at carpet concentrated on questions like,  how are birds different from other animals? Where do they live?  What do they need in order to survive? Students then broke into small groups and engaged in hands-on activities that allowed them to imagine "eating like a bird". They discovered that the shape and size of a bird's beak was essential to their survival in a specific habitat.