Whales Explore Wind

What a perfect year to explore the weather! In the past two weeks, Whales have experienced sun, torrential rain, hail, thunder storms, and gale force winds! After studying weather gauging instruments and cloud formation, we have moved on to a study of wind. We talked about what causes wind to form, and what wind does for our earth. We conducted wind experiments; looking at concepts of force and motion as they relate to the movement of objects in wind. We did an experiment and found that air is always all around us, and wind is the movement of that air. We engineered sailboats, trying to come up with the shape and size of sail that kept the boat stable and helped it move quickly across the water. On Wednesday, we performed a play "The Wind Blew" for our Kestrel buddies - a madcap production that left everyone giggling and asking for more! Scroll down to see video of the play.