Ho-Hum, Just Another Typical Day With The Whales!

To say that Whales are busy is a bit of an understatement. Whale teachers thought it might be nice to add a blog post that captured a "typical" day in the life of an ELC Whale. The photos don't show our amazing Writing Club, Calendar or Group Numeracy time, but they do capture lots of other important parts of our day!

In the morning, there were tree houses and ponds at the storytelling table, Praying Mantis nymphs to feed and examine at the nature table, Legos to build at engineering carpet, spring blossoms to examine under the Proscope at the technology table, a rousing game of Doubles Spin-O-Rama at the numeracy table, and letter writing to friends at the literacy table...and that's just the first hour!

Later in the day we took a Bird Bingo and Cloud Observation walk. We worked together and identified Black-eyed Juncos, Robins, Crows, House Sparrows, Song Sparrows and more! We saw Cumulus clouds in the sky and celebrated the sunshine.

We built an amazing obstacle course together and helped one another maneuver the extra tricky bits.

We made shapes with our bodies, read books together, enjoyed "camping" together in Creative Play and made silly monsters together in Atelier. It's awfully nice being a Whale!