Rascally Leprechauns!

We spent the morning engineering elaborate traps to catch the wee folk who have been known to visit the Whales’ classroom and make an awful mess. With friendly letters and enticing shimmery loot hidden in their traps, this year’s Whales were confident they would catch one. While we were working away, a wee leprechaun ran across our easel, leaving a taunting message “Ha, ha, ha! Where’s me gold? You won’t catch me!” Undaunted, the Whales continued to work on their traps. After lunch, we got ready to move into our classroom when Ms. Julie announced that some naughtiness had ensued. We ran into the classroom and found a horrible mess! Those rascals had toppled over chairs, threw pens and pencils on the ground, pulled books from our book baskets, and left glitter and confetti everywhere! They left us chocolate coins, but we failed to catch a single one. Ms. Ellie and Ms. Julie are hoping next year’s Whales might be successful. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!