Whales Visit Blooming Farm

The Whales have been absorbed in the reading of Charlotte's Web, a classic tale of farm life by E.B. White. To commemorate our reading, and to celebrate the coming of summer, the Whales took a trip to a charming farm owned by one of our very own Whale families. 

We rotated through stations that included horses, sheep & chickens, bees & pollinators and macroinvertebrates & ducks. We ate lunch in the garden and capped our day off by making beautiful tussie-mussie bouquets. It was a truly magical day, filled with exploration and good friends!

Insects, especially BEES!

The Whales spent three fun and focused weeks studying insects, with a special focus on bees! Under the expert direction of our student teacher, Ms. Gabie, Whales completed research papers on three different bee species: Mason Bees, Bumble Bees and Honey Bees. Each group used their research to produce a small skit which they shared with friends in the Dolphin and Shark classes. 

In addition to bee research, the Whales watched with delight as three of our Saturniid Moths hatched from their cocoons. We allowed our Luna and Cynthia Moths to travel around our classroom for a bit, stretching their wings and sharing their short-lived beauty with us. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our Praying Mantis nymphs!

Insects and Shapes and Spring and, Oh My!

Hello there, from Ms. Gabie! Ms. Ellie and I will be sharing the writing of the blog for the remainder of the school year. Documenting this journey is a wonderful privilege for me. This classroom is filled with wonder and joy!

What an exciting week in the Whales' classroom! The Whales started out the week by noticing the different parts of a flower while making "flowers" for a future experiment. They were very inquisitive about the stamen and pistil of flowers and why those things were present on many different types of flowers. During unit study time that day, the Whales shared their knowings, noticings, and wonderings about insects.  Ms. Gabie read a book entitled "Insect Detectives" by Steve Voake that encouraged even more wonderings. Did you know that ants can talk with each other through their antennae? Or, that wasps make nests out of chewed wood? The excitement about new insect facts was definitely in the air! A new song about the parts of insects, "Head, Thorax, Abdomen", was introduced during this time as well. The Whales had great fun figuring out where an insect's body parts would be on our human bodies while singing.

After Monday, the Whales were crazy about insects! Insect related games were played at classroom choice time.  They used their bodies to demonstrate two different ways insects can go through the process of metamorphosis. The Whales even became pollinators during a pollination simulation! During the simulation, the Whales were able to "pollinate" the "flowers" they had made earlier in the week by rubbing the "pollen" that had gotten stuck on their fingers (baked cheese snack dust) onto the stamen of another friend's flower. The teachers in the classroom would not be surprised if the Whales are now bug-eyed because of their knew knowings. 


The Whales were introduced to three-dimensional shapes this week, and they quickly discovered that there are shapes (both two-dimensional and three-dimensional) all over the classroom!  On Thursday, we went for a walk to play shape bingo and we weren't even out fifty feet away from the piazza before Whales were calling "bingo!". The Whales were so ecstatic about their bingo success, we just had to stop everything and do the bingo dance right where we stood. What fun!

Creative play was a popular place to be this week! With the help of Ms. Julie, the Whales  turned the space into a farm. They had great fun being farmers, chickens, cows, ducks, and riding horses round the corrall. 

This gorgeous spring week ended with the conclusion of our current read-aloud book Mrs. Piggle Wiggle's Magic out in the quad. The Whales were on the edge of their seats when trying to figure out what the result of the story would be. When the secrets were revealed, the Whales cheered and celebrated the happy ending. Overall, a wonderful finale to an absolutely wonderful week. Stay tuned to see what adventures we go on next week! 

Whales Wrap Up Weather

The last two weeks, Whales spent time learning about rain, the water cycle, water conservation, thunder & lightning, and how our sun makes the seasons...PHEW!

To cement our understanding of rain and the water cycle, Whales performed a play together on our big blue carpet. We moved all the chairs into a circle and Whales became drops of water floating on the surface of the ocean. As the heat from the sun made them rise as vapor in the air, Whales rose so high that they stood up on their chairs together, condensing into a giant cloud before falling back to earth as raindrops. What fun! Ms. Ellie performed an experiment which showed the three states of water and Whales spent time looking more deeply at the concept through the proscope during classroom choice.

Whales celebrated our study of rain with an Umbrella Walk. We enjoyed closing our eyes and listening to the sound of the rain on our umbrellas. Our study of rain included time reading and acting out a sampling of Rain Poems. In atelier we spent time making Rain Art and continued our study of wind by making pinwheels. 

No study of weather would be complete without taking a closer look at thunder and lightning. After reading a few books on the subject, Whales tried making their own lightning by creating static electricity with a balloon and their hair. It worked! Whales made enough static electricity to light up a light bulb. To replicate the hot air created inside a cloud during a lightning storm, Whales blew up paper bags and popped them with their fists. BOOM! That same day, Whales read the book Thundercake by Patricia Palacco, then they baked their very own Thundercake with Ms. Julie. It was a celebratory ending to a very exciting day!

With Earth Day coming up, Whales talked a lot about how important it is for us to conserve water. Whales came up with some ideas for how to conserve water at home and at school, then we tried to see if we could clean some very dirty pond water that Ms. Ellie brought from home. We read a book about how cities work to purify their own water and we followed those same steps with the pond water. It worked! We began to see how hard it was to get dirty water clean again!

Whales know that the sun is critical to all our weather systems, and to life on earth. During our final week of our weather unit, Whales became the sun and the earth. We went out into the piazza and practiced rotating, making day and night, and we practiced orbiting the sun to make one year. We spent time looking at a globe in our dark bathroom. We noticed that the earth was tilted on the globe, and that as the earth orbits the sun, different amounts of light and heat fall on our area of the earth, making the seasons. Amazing!

Finally, don't forget to check out the  now-famous Whale Weather Reports on the Watch and Listen tab above. Broadcasts happen daily in the entrance to the ELC. Whales are meteorologists!

More Weather With The Whales

Whales continued their study of weather this week, looking more closely at the power of wind, and the way that cold and warm air interact to make the air move on the surface of the earth. After watching a funny play performed by Ms. Julie and Ms. Ellie, Whales practiced being heavy, bossy cold air pushing light warm air up into the sky to form as clouds above the earth. We learned a new poem, The Windy Day and drew illustrations to help tell the story of the poem. Then we looked for sight words, bossy E, and vowel blends in the text.

After making and sailing our own little boats last week, Whales got to Skype with one of our very own Whale dads (Mr. Stephen) who captains a real sailboat! He gave us a tour of the boat while they were sailing up the Atlantic coast near Florida. We saw how the wind moved the sails and helped turn the boat in the proper direction. Mr. Stephen answered lots of questions about how weather affects his travel on the sea. It was amazing!

To finish off our week, Whales spent time making props and practicing our play The Wind Blew based on the book by Pat Hutchins. The performance was full of windy, wacky fun! To see a video of the performance, look under the Watch and Listen tab above.

Whales Study Weather

Whales began their study of weather last week. We started by simply using our senses to notice things about the weather around us. We went outside and used our eyes to observe the wind moving the trees and flags, and the shape and color of the clouds in the sky. We used our ears to notice the sound of rain on the street and wind in the trees. We used our sense of touch to study the way the the sun felt on our bodies. Then, we practiced using the tools of a weather-watcher: an anemometer to measure wind, a thermometer to measure the temperature, and a rain gauge to measure rainfall. We took a cloud walk and named all the types of clouds that we saw. We learned that clouds carry small droplets of water that attach to dust and other particles in the air, and that different types of clouds can tell us different things about the weather. We noticed that clouds in the sky moved with the wind. Whales discovered that wind is moving air, and that the movement of warm and cool air produces changes in weather. We learned that air is all around us - even inside our classroom! We made wind with our breath, and we spent time predicting what items would move during a strong wind, and what items would not. Whales are excited to learn enough about the weather that they can share their knowings with the ELC during a daily broadcast of Whale Weather Watchers - coming soon!

Whales Family Game Night

Just in time for the Spring Break, Whale families came together to learn new dice and card games that help develop skills in numeracy and executive function. Each Whale family brought home a bag filled with all the items needed to play the new games at home.  It was a night of friendship, family and FUN!


All week the Whale classroom was filled with talk of wee leprechauns and their rascally ways! We spent Friday morning engineering traps and writing letters to the leprechauns that included concrete directions for how to successfully gain entrance to the trap. 

After lunch, the Whales entered the classroom to find it in a real state of disarray. The leprechauns had paid a visit! Chairs were tipped over, our writing station was torn apart and there was glitter everywhere(including the toilets!). Although no leprechauns stayed trapped long enough for us to talk with them, they did leave a lollipop and chocolate mint for each student. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Whales!